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“Mi amor por vos no tiene fisuras.”

— Deberías ser un gusto de helado (via deberiasserungustodehelado)

Quottom Magazine
My flatmates Yves and Ruben have been hard at work on the latest issue of Quottom magazine recently. Me and my girlfriend are on the cover of this issue titled ‘SEXUALITÄT und GEWALT’. It is only available in German at the moment but the design and image content makes it way worth picking up a copy even if you cannot read the articles. Here is a brief description of the magazine  and what you can expect to find inside. Links for their facebook, twitter and instagram at the bottom of the post!
'Quottom is a cultural magazine, published twice a year, timelessly combining topics of art and life. It provides room for long stories and reports, extraordinary portraits, columns and essays along with expressive photo galleries and works of artists. Two terms, oppositional at first sight, mark the editorial part and hover above portraits and photo galleries. Quottom shows a fresh perspective of youth culture and the topics, concerning all of us.'   Ruben Feurer
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